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Covid 19 Updates

Roadmap to Summer 2022 - last updated 4/14/2022


Camp Riva-Lake again has the unique opportunity to allow kids to both grow and have fun this coming summer as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. For over two years the pandemic has caused many changes in our lives, but the need for us to be in a community at camp has not diminished; it has only increased. Camp brings laughter, face-to-face relationships, freedom from screens and homework, improved mental health, the perspective of living in a community, continued love for the outdoors, and so much more. We are hopeful, with great care, we can have another summer Covid-free in 2022.

​Below are our plans based on mid-April rising regional caseloads and transmission for operating this summer. All protocols are subject to change, modification, or removal based on current and relevant research.

​Please read carefully, as we have followed the guidance of The American Camp Association, the CDC and the successful procedures we implemented summer 2021.  We have capped our numbers at ¾ of our usual capacity. If you feel that even one of the below precautions/protocols is not going to be possible for your family/child, then please contact Nonnie (404-626-6881) or Claudia (954-822-5807), and we will be happy to refund your deposit.

  1. We ask that our campers & staff implement a 7-day period prior to camp where they do not risk unnecessary exposure to crowds, for example, attending a concert or other large gathering.

  2. Your child, vaccinated or unvaccinated will need to present a negative PCR test taken within 72-hrs of arrival. We will never discuss a campers status publicly.

  3. We will be administering a rapid test upon arrival and campers will need to stay in the car until we have the results. 

  4. We WILL be offering airport transportation this summer for campers and staff who arrive by plane.

  5. We are not able to accept international campers or staff this summer.

  6. You will be given a timed arrival slot in 15-min. increments on opening days that best suit your travel schedule.

  7. Parents/guardians will stay in the car as they drive through the usual “stations” of check in: Rock House, nurse & lice screening, uniform & re-tread pick up, and trunk drop off at Jr. or Sr. hill. There will be a designated spot where you may get out of the car if you need to put luggage tags on your daughter's trunk/duffel.  A similar process will be followed on leaving days.

  8. Please send your child with a box of disposable masks and a few washable ones as we anticipate occasions when we may need to wear them, like serving food in the buffet line in the dining hall.

  9. Symptomatic campers will be tested at camp. 

  10. If a camper tests positive, they will be quarantined, and we ask that you come to collect them ASAP - no longer than 12 hours after notification. We ask that you be “at the ready” for the duration of your child’s session or make arrangements to have a relative that can collect them if necessary.

  11. Campers will not be able to leave mid-session and return.

  12. We will not be taking Catholic campers to church as it seems a risky indoor activity when our whole facility is outdoors – the most Covid safe situation. 

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