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A Riva-Lake Wedding, Lookout 2017

During rest hour, Julia danced around the cabin with the broom, who she named Fernando. In the middle of her dance, she stopped and announced “He proposed! He proposed!” We cheered for the happy couple, and the wedding planning began. It took several days of planning to get ready for the wedding. We spent our rest hours and several free periods thinking of every detail. We decorated the cabin with fairy lights. We lined our trunks to provide seating for guests. We hung sheets on the bunks to create a nice back drop for the couple to exchange vows. We spent the most time on the roles that we would each play. I was the flower girl because I had the most experience.

On the big day, the excitement level was high. We wanted to invite the whole camp but we only had trunk space to invite Jr. Lodge and Heave Ho. They came and brought their brooms to serve as Fernando’s groomsmen. Stephanie’s brush PJ was the third groomsman. My brush, DJ, also came as a guest. Each guest was greeted at the door by Hilary from Jr. Lodge and asked to sign the guest book when they arrived. The wedding programs were on the trunks where they sat.

The bridesmaids were Sydney, Maggie S. from Heave Ho, and Taylor who was a Munchkin and also sister of the bride. Bridesmaids wore blue shirts and gray shorts. I was the flower girl, and I wore shorts with flowers on them and a white tank top. I was supposed to carry a swim cap filled with leaves from a tree branch, but I lost it so I carried another swim cap with a few less leaves. Stephanie was supposed to be the ring bearer, but she had to go to the doctor so Gabby filled in, and she carried a ring made of string on a pillow. The wedding party changed roles several times but finally walked down the aisle to Katie singing “Alleluia.”

The bride wore Riva Lake white shorts and a white sports bra. Katie escorted the bride down the aisle while Elizabeth played “Here comes the bride” on her phone. Elizabeth videotaped, and Lucia was in charge of making sure everything went smoothly. The groom wore a black bow tie, and was carried down the aisle by Maggie. Lucia, the priest, delivered a heartfelt sermon and read scripture about love. The bride and groom vowed to be broom and wife as long as they both shall live. Tears of joy flooded Lookout. Elizabeth cried the most.

After the wedding, the bridal party and guests enjoyed homemade fudge, courtesy of the beautiful and kind mother of the flower girl, and the happy couple was sent off on their honey moon through a shower of silly string.

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