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It takes a team effort

We always need volunteers to keep CRL spirit alive. We would love your help for camp opening/closing, planning our centennial celebration for 2022, and taking campers on off-campus excursions. In particular we need marketing skills, grant-writing skills, and expertise in landscaping. Please contact DeSaix at for more information.

share your memories

In celebration of our upcoming anniversary, we will be publishing a photo book of Riva-Lake through the years. Please copy your CRL pictures into digital format, and mail the CD to PO Box 58332, Nashville, TN 37205 . Please indicate the years and any names, if available. This special album documenting CRL through the decades will be a true treasure.

connect with each other

please check out our group on Facebook:

search for "Camp Riva Lake"!


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has your information changed?

Unsure? Please cick here to update us. We want to keep in touch with you!

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