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Camp Riva-Lake strives to foster sisterhood and independence through encouraging and empowering each girl to immerse herself in nature and discover the best version of her unique self.

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 a summer tradition
since 1922

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When our campers think of CRL, they think “fun and friendships.”  Behind those words, is so much more.  Our goal is that each individual camper will discover the best version of her unique self. We provide experiences aimed at helping campers become more independent and self-confident. Activities and interactions are intentional to support each girl’s development of positive character traits, leadership and physical skills. 


These things do not happen by miracle in a few weeks at camp.  But we believe that camp programs can play a unique role in supporting parents in their child’s development. We provide a safe setting where girls can try new things, make and correct mistakes, learn to live with others and act as role models for one another.  Thousands of young girls have spent wonderful summers at CRL and developed lifelong skills and memories. 


The most obvious area to see development is in the skills your camper will learn as she makes progress towards mastery of her activities. Campers rotate through 4 activities each day (except Sunday). The activities we offer on a regular basis are arts and crafts, basketball, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, sailing, woodslore, dance, and archery. Campers will participate in all activities which exposes them to new experiences and many girls try a sport for the very first time. Getting on a horse, scoring your first basket or sailing for the first time instills adventure and confidence in our campers. 


Campers are instructed by counselors who have mastered their activity.   Campers progress through 5 levels of achievements in each activity. The achievements start out very basic. Once a camper masters an achievement, she moves to the next achievement which will be more challenging than the previous one. At the end of camp, campers receive awards based on their achievements. Returning campers review the previous year’s achievement before working on the next one. This allows campers to monitor progress from year to year and strive toward mastery of that activity.



Another critical skill we work on daily is learning to live independently and within a group setting.  Camp teaches children self-care as they are responsible for bathing, brushing teeth, organizing their belongings and applying sunscreen.  They also learn to plan and organize as they must get to activities on time, remembering the tennis racket or appropriate shoes for riding. Counselors ensure proper guidance, but girls are held accountable through health charts filled out with their counselors at night.  This chart also tracks how they contribute to the group setting such as cleaning the cabin and practicing kindness.  Respecting others and valuing their uniqueness sets the foundation for friendships that pass the test of time.




Teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership are put into practice through the 2 teams at CRL.  While the teams are at the heart of the Riva-Lake spirit and sisterhood, they also provide a great environment to balance teamwork and sportsmanship.  By working for their teams, campers experience first-hand that they achieve goals together when everyone collaborates. Their individual accomplishments are part of a greater whole.  The competition and desire to achieve is real, but always put in context of sportsmanship.  The girls are competing against true friends and winning and losing fairly and with grace is a key focus and important life lesson. 

The teams elect Captains, Co-Captains, Songleaders and Basketball Captains. Campers also have team big and little sisters. This provides our youngest campers with positive role models and older campers with a chance to lead and mentor the younger girls. Many of our alumnae will say, "I learned to lead at Riva-Lake."


Finally, we reward campers across all of these developmental areas. In addition to activity achievements, awards are given out for best cabin inspection to special recognition for loyalty, spirit, and exemplifying the best of your unique self.

We aim to balance personal achievement and teamwork; independence and collaboration, and skills-building and character building.  Our philosophy is to set good examples, recognize those who excel, and give girls confidence that they can progress in these areas through their lives.

CRL expressly prohibits any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation against staff members or campers based on an individual's race; creed; color; religion; sex; age; national origin, disability or handicap; service member status; or any other category protected by applicable law.  Your cooperation and participation is essential if we are to fulfill our commitment to these principles.


(for girls 8-16 years -old)

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