a tradition of Teamwork & Sisterhood



Riva-Lake Girls participate in a variety of activities with other girls their age, which may include: horse-back riding, swimming, tennis, sailing, canoeing, archery, crafts, dance and woodslore. Campers attend 4 different activities per day, which keeps each day exciting and challenges the girls to learn new skills. Campgrounds include riding facilities, tennis courts, a multi-use activity court, sports fields, a Playhouse for indoor activities and a private cove with a one-of-a-kind floating pool and boating docks.


Every camper is part of a team which enriches the bonds of CRL sisterhood and fosters teamwork.


We strive to keep a low camper-to-counselor ratio to allow our girls to learn in an intimate environment that builds independence, personal growth, and life-long friendships.


Riva-Lake is staffed with a wonderful, committed, trained group of counselors and senior staff who are dedicated to making each camper's summer experience a fun and memorable one. Camp Co-Directors Nonnie Thompson Preuss and Claudia Haney have been part of the Riva-Lake family since the 1970's, and are thrilled to keep the Riva-Lake tradition going strong.


Our counselor staff is made up of young women who have been hired for their experience in their selected fields and for their skills in working with children. Campers live in cabins with one or two counselors and are supervised by the counselors in their daily activities. Our staff also includes a resident camp nurse to ensure the health and safety of our girls.

Riva-Lake is an “unplugged” camp. In today’s hyper-connected world, we feel strongly that a break from devices enables this generation to forge authentic connections not only with those around them, but the nature surrounding them and the moments they are experiencing.


(8-16 years -old)


(8-16 years -old)


(8-16 years -old)

june 26 - july 1 0

june 26 - july 25 

july 1 1 - july 25 

daily schedule

first bell (wake up)

second bell (get ready for breakfast)

third bell (be at the flagpole)


cabin inspection bell

first activity

second activity

open swim or

other open activities


rest hour

third activity


fourth activity

first blinks munchkins

lights out munchkins/first blinks juniors

lights out juniors/first blinks seniors

lights out seniors



evening activity

milk & crackers


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Campers are enrolled through local representatives, former alumnae, and friends of the camp. For more information, please contact us.