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On the Road Again

Recruitment season….the next best thing to greeting everyone at camp on opening day!

What a difference 2 years make! Two years ago I was petrified as the new Director going on the road for recruitment parties. So many things could go wrong…what if no one came? What if the AV equipment didn’t work? What if we forgot something really important in the presentation? I barely even knew my soon-to-be partner in The Rock House, Claudia.

Now I can’t wait to hit the road, and I feel like Claudia is my sister. I no longer worry about whether anyone will show up (they always do!), messing up the presentation or having technical difficulties with the equipment…that’s just so “campy.” It’s about all of us getting together, reliving the fun we had this summer, getting everyone fired up about what’s coming this summer and meeting new prospects and their parents.

Every party has it’s own personality, and we couldn’t do it without our gracious hosts and city reps. As we come to the end of October a big deadline looms, one you don’t want to miss. Our “early bird” discount expires on Nov. 1st. All you have to do to save $100 and secure your spot for 2018 is get your $400 deposit in on or before Nov. 1. Register today by following the “APPLY NOW” tab at

Happy Halloween everyone….we’re taking this weekend off, but we’re back on the road in Nov. We can’t wait to see YOU!!!!!!!

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