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Happy Fall From CRL by Nonnie Preuss

It’s a beautiful, cool, early fall-leaf-colored Friday evening in our NW Montana home. And in the most unlikely place, I’m having a Riva-Lake moment. For the second fall we are experiencing life on the Canadian Goose migration highway.

While it looks to be more of a west to east flight where we live, flock after flock fly over in variations of their classic “V” formation honking loudly. It brings to mind Lawrie Peyton’s (CRL Director 2005 - 2015) vespers story of the geese that I read every summer on the first night of camp. You can see their teamwork for the long journey ahead to a warmer winter and hear the urging in their honks as we are surely at the very beginning of their long flight south.

Perhaps you are also having memories of camp as summer turns to fall. We would love for you to share your stories of how camp comes to mind throughout the rest of the year when we are not together. Happy fall ya’ll!


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