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CRL Fun Out of the Sun

Anyone who has checked the weather recently may have noticed that there has been a lot of rain in Winchester. Although the weather has been wet, everyone is still having an awesome time at Camp! Rainy days allow for the whole camp to come together and play games as one big group. Girls are able to make new friends and hang out with people who aren’t in their activity group or cabin. One rainy day favorite is the game “Runner”. In this game, the girls line up with their teams on opposite sides of the gym and each team picks a runner. All the counselors sit in the front of the gym and ask questions like, “Can someone name all the cabins?” A camper who knows the answer raises her hand and then the runner will pick her and run with her to the counselors. Whichever team gets to the counselors first answers the question and if the answer is correct, that team gets a point. This is just one of the many rainy day activities we do at camp to keep everyone busy and happy. Although the rain hinders some of our camp activities, it does not stop the fun.

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