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Safety at Camp

Summer 2024 marks a decade of striving for excellence as we achieve the American Camp Association (ACA) Accreditation, a gold standard in our industry. ACA accreditation, endorsed by legal authorities, means we consistently adhere to nearly 290 health, safety, and quality standards. It is a milestone that reflects our longstanding commitment to camper well-being, upheld by successive generations of dedicated camp directors.

Rigorous protocols are in place to ensure camper safety. All staff undergo thorough interviews, reference checks, and annual background screenings. Comprehensive training, including Mental Health First Aid, prepares staff to handle various scenarios. Lifeguards receive specialized Open Water Certification, in addition to standard training, to oversee lake activities safely. Weather monitoring is continuous, with detailed plans for inclement conditions.

Regular safety inspections by authorities guarantee the integrity of our facilities. Emergency drills, covering diverse threats, are conducted before campers arrive and reiterated during sessions. A licensed nurse resides onsite at our centrally located health center, accessible via walkie-talkie.

With over a century of experience and ACA guidance, we are equipped to prioritize safety. Our dedication ensures a nurturing environment where campers can flourish. We appreciate the trust you place in us and thank you for choosing us for your daughter(s)' summer experience.


Nonnie & Erica


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