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My Journey Back To Camp

My family asked me what I wanted for my 4oth birthday, and I said, “All I want is to go to camp”. And so began my journey back to CRL. I remember parking near the tennis courts and walking up the gravel path to the Rock House, and the memories came flooding back. During those three magical days, I realized that I had left my spirit there, and 25 years later I found it again.

I eased into my newly found spirit returning to run a mother/daughter weekend, after which I was asked to join the board of directors. At home, I was busy raising my three boys but was enjoying my new engagement with camp. As the boys got older and I had more time, I began adding different tasks. It began with researching and finding FUN “campy” things on the internet, working on the daily activity schedule and teaching myself as much as I could about social media marketing. This helped us move us into the 21st century with online registration, digital newsletters, Facebook and Instagram. I loved getting to know our young alumni and hearing their stories and ideas. My spirit began to soar again.

This past January, I was honored to accept the role of President of our Board of Directors. I have just returned from attending the American Camp Association’s National Conference. The presentations really brought out the educator in me. My head is spinning with ideas for this summer and our role in supporting our wonderful girls whose parents have put their trust in us.

I have had the opportunity to reflect on how much confidence and self-worth camp gave me as a child and now realize that as an adult CRL has given it back to me all over again. I just can’t wait for another summer, and to be a witness to many more girls finding their TRUE spirit.

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