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Camps Have New Year's Resolutions Too!

It’s a new year, and I think all of us try to see ways in which we can improve ourselves. Just as we do as individuals, businesses also take this time to brain storm how they can improve. Every January our Board of Director’s meets to plan and strategize. We share our opinions on what worked, what fell short, and how to we can make the appropriate adjustments to make the upcoming summer the best it can be for our girls. Much of that information comes from your responses to our parents' survey.

Many strategic plans take a few years to implement. One such area that we have strived to make more interesting for our girls is our Woodslore program. After I attended my first American Camp Association conference 2 years ago it became abundantly clear that the vast majority of camps do not have the natural settling that we enjoy. They cobble together nature programs with very little flora & fauna. I realized we were not taking advantage of the bounty that surrounds us. We implemented some new activities in the Woodslore program that were popular with the girls: making organic bug spray (we will be doing that again this summer), tending to our tiny turtle, and the birds that laid eggs in our hanging baskets were a joy for all to watch through checking on the beautiful eggs (some spotted, some colored) to watching them learn to fly. We have so many more ideas for this summer. Please enjoy this article about school’s that have moved their classrooms outdoors. Perhaps your school has a program like this. It will help you understand the “cabin fever” your children experience in the winter when they’re all cooped up.

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