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Recruitment Season is Wrapping Up

Recruitment season in wrapping up, and it is one of our favorite parts of being directors at CRL. We have the privilege of traveling to great cities, often staying in our campers homes and seeing what their lives are about the rest of the year. A big thanks again to all of you that have hosted us! It is so exciting and affirming to meet former, current and prospective campers "on the road." It's like one big reunion every weekend,

We are committed to being an unplugged retreat for your girls, and that's why getting face to face is so important. We want to meet you, we want you to meet us, we want the decision to send your daughter to Riva-Lake to feel like the most natural decision in the world. For generations we have been here, and as we look to our centennial in 2022, with your continued support we will be here for many generations to come!

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